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Grace Wilson

Grace Wilson
5' 11"


5’11” Red Bank Catholic 2020– Grace doesn’t fit the part. She is not physically overwhelming or athletic. What she is a warrior, it’s way Coach Montano of RBC counted on her this season. Her energy level simply has no match. She will give up her body and more importantly one of the most competitive players you will watch this summer. Her underrated shooting is a real added bonus to her relentless hustle and defense. She is a tough rebounder and one of the best 50/50 ball players the moment she hits the floor. This is a player that is better than the look. She is a old school productive player without the bells and whistles. Here is a little secret about Grace Wilson, she is a 3 level scorer, she can shoot the “3”… put up for the jumper or knock down the pull up jumper. She has seen the highest level of competition and her competitive edge is off the charts…She finally has an non political AAU spot so look for BIG THINGS!